Awarding certificate of merit of Haiphong People’s Committee to Saigon-Haiphong Industrial Park Corporation - The leader of FDI attraction.

Updated: 08/12/2014 09:34

In the morning 2th, December 2014, at the convention center of Hai Phong city, the Party Secretary cum Chairman of Hai Phong city - Mr Duong Anh Dien has hosted the preliminary evaluation conference of the implementation result according to the Directive No.26/CT-UBND on 12th, September 2011 of the Chairman of Hai Phong city after 3 years of solution to attract foreign direct investment in city. Attending the conference, having Mr. Dan Duc Hiep, Le Thanh Son and leaders of related Departments, and Districts

Saigon – Haiphong Industrial Park Corporation was honored as one of 13 organizations awarded by Hai Phong People’s Committee.

In the period of 3 years implementing the Directive, Hai Phong has become one of the powerful breakthrough leader in attracting FDI of Vietnam. These are encouraging results – showing the drastic and intensive concentration of city leaders, involved agencies and departments in investment promotion activities of Hai Phong city as well confirming the attraction of the geography – economic strategy, superior infrastructure system of Hai Phong compared with other regions of the country.

               (Mr.Duong Anh Dien’s speech in the conference)

In attracting investment in Trang Due, Saigon Hai Phong Industrial Park Corporation has contributed large portions to the general results of the City. Speaking at the conference, Mr. Bui Long – The General Director of Saigon Hai Phong Industrial Park has presented the advantages and difficulties in attracting foreign investment in last three years. Trang Due fortunately is located in a prime location, convenient highway transportation links, seaports, airports. The advantage of geographical location, abundant labor resources, treaties, agreements on free trade, which Vietnam has signed or acceded to other parties , creating an attraction in moving the  investment flows.

With the function as an enterprise doing business in infrastructure development and investment attraction, SHP offen annually organizes business trips to key & potential markets such as Japan, South Korea to seek partners. The highest leaders of the Committee personally campaigned to convince investors. Besides, appreciating problem for large-key project, the leaders were very timely and flexible to set up "special task force" with the participation of representatives of all relevant departments ... to get ready and promptly dealt with the fastest speed problems, the problem given by investors. That creates a high reputation of Haiphong with investors.

The achievement in 03 years of implementing the Directive No.26/CT-UBND is the dizzing speed development of the investment projects under construction in Hai Phong in general and Trang Due Industrial Park  in particular. The occupancy rate of phase I was 95%, especially the LGE’s project with total registed investment capital is 1,5 billion USD which  has changed the  whole face of Trang Due industrial park. In phase II, the company had to run urgently from the beginning of 2014 in completing prescribed investment procedure and inventory clearance. Mr. Bui The Long also presented the difficult challenges in the deployment of Phase II, the plan for new unit price of compensation has not approved;  we still not pay the compensation for civil people and take over land to construct the infrustructures. For these reason, SHP expects the leaders of Hai Phong city will make the decision early to handle this situation in order to keep Phase II on track, and handover the land for investors on time.

                             (Mr. Bui The Long speaking at the conferences)


Mr.Bui The Long (the second one standing from the right) received award 

With the efforts and results achived in 3 years, Saigon – Haiphong Industrial Park Corporation was honored with the merit of the President of Hai Phong People’s Committee for outstanding achievements in investment promotion and attracting foreign direct investment progress.




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