Hai Phong Economic Zones Authority has granted Invesment lisence for Phase 2 at Trang Due Industrial Park to Sai Gon – Hai Phong Industrial Park Corporation.

Updated: 03/09/2014 02:28

On 27th August,2014 Hai Phong Economic Zones Authority has granted Invesment lisence No. 022.21.0000085  for Phase 2 at Trang Due Industrial Park to Sai Gon – Hai Phong Industrial Park  Corporation (SHP) with area 214ha, bringing the total area of ​​the two-phases Trang Due Industrial Park on 401ha.

Trang Due Industrial Park is now evaluated as a central industrial park, typical of Hai Phong Port City. September 2013, the entire 401ha of land planning of Trang Due Industrial Park is also the Prime Minister decided to merge into Dinh Vu-Cat Hai Economic Zone. With economic zone regulations, investment projects into Trang Due Industrial Park will be entitled to the highest incentives of Vietnam government as corporate income tax exemption is 4 years, 50% reduction for the next 9 years, the tax rate for the first 15 years apply of 10%.

In the past year, after a period of survey research in many countries, LGE Corporation (South Korea) has decided to choose Trang Due Industrial Park to invest a combined production of electronic products and electric appliances with the total investment of 1.5 billion USD. This achievement is particularly important contribution to the process model innovation and recovery high-growth of Hai Phong port city and also gave Hai Phong rise to the local third country to attract investment. On 23rd August 2014, The company was also honored with flags "excellent company led emulation" of the Government in the field of investment, infrastructure development and industrial parks to attract foreign investment.

In 2014, serial success, only 7 months of the year, SHP has also attracted 10 new investment projects with total registered investment capital of 225 million USD, This number will not stop because the company is continuing negotiations with a number of other potential investors. It can be said that a great result in a short time basically filling stage 1 of Industrial Park. Although today, SHP has been granted an investment certificate stage 2 214 ha, but the work of clearance and infrastructure construction is being focused company to implemented urgently, to clean up land bank handed over to vendor of LGE and other investors leasing land registration.


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