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Rules for investors into Trang due Industrial Park



Dear Investors into Trang Due Industrial Park!

        Sai Gon- Hai Phong Industrial Park Corporation warmly welcome with our best wishes and gratitude to Companies investing into Trang Due Industrial Park.

       For giving Companies favourable conditions in implementing detail plan and building construction at theplot rented in Trang Due Industrial Park in accordance with technical standards of the State and approved general plan of Industrial Park, Sai Gon- Hai Phong Industrial Park Corporation would like to give Companies "List of Rules on Mangement and Construction in Trang Due Industrial Park" as following contains. However, beside these rules, Companies have to obey other construction regulations of Vietnamese current Law.


I. General Rules:

          After offically signing land sublease contract with SHP, Investors can start their exploration such as examining to drill, sampling at the plot.

After two Parties transfer the premise and height of the Plot in accordance with the rule in article II.1, Investors can implement factory contruction preparation such as making temporary office, temporary entry or gathering machines on the rented plot.

           Investors must offically inform above plans to SHP in writing or by E- mail. Onlyafter signing the pledging agreement on “construction hygiene- safety assurance" in the process of construction with SHP, paying assurance fee, Investors are allowed to start implementing. The assurance fee is defined 3000 US$ for each project or one construction.

During the construction process, if Investors or Investors' contrators violate articles of this List of Rules, or in the duration or the end of construction, public contructions, infrastructures in the Industrial Park are recongnized to be broken, interior ways are polluted… due to faults relating to the Investors’ construction Implementation, SHP will use the assurance fee to restore the public constructions as their initial status or hire labourers to clean the polluted ways…

If this assurance fee surpluses or is not used to overcome these above violations, this sum of money will be paid back to Investors with non- interest. If this sum of money is not enough, the Investors must pay additional fees.


II. Basic technical parameters:

1. Height (in comparation with sea water level)

-         Height of subgrading in the industrial park:          +4.0m

-         Average Height of ground in the industrial park:  +4.3m

-         Height of factory's floor at least:                            +4.5m

2. Construction area and maximum height

-         The total area of whole construction (basing on the drop of water) must not exceed 65% of total area of the rented land.

-         Construction rate: no limitation ( but under the Investors’ Construction Licence issued by Functional Organsations)

-         Trang Due Industrial Park does not limit the maximum height of all constructions' structures of Investors. (However, before implementing construction Investors must have Construction Licence issued by Functional Organsations).

3. Distance of step- back:

-         The distance to the border way with the frontage- road of the Industrial Park (paralleling to High Way 10): 8m from the plot's border.

-         With the Border way next to the interior way of the industrial park, next to the plot inside the park: 6m from the plot's border.

-         Any structure or the stretch of constructions must not be built outside the step- back distance, excluding following defined constructions: flag pole; underground pine systems; intubators; trees, grass; roads, slopes, entry; pavement or brick- paved part without roof; barrier; gate and bodyguard's room (only for bodyguards); parking place with or withour roof; manhole; loop cutting station (RMU); services for outside lighting systems  and protecting light; rain- water drainage system; underground dust-hole.

4. Entry Gate of the Plot:

-         The number of gates is defined as follow:

Gate for Staff: 01 gate

Gate for goods transportation: 01 gate

In case of more than 02 gates, it is necessary to get SHP’s approval.

-         While building gates, Investors must avoid the positions of electrical pole, traffic lights and extinguish station.

-         The maximum width of each gate must not exceed 20m

-         In the position of building gate of the factory, the structure of pavement for pedestrians, flush crub must be made by Investors and be in accrodance with the specification of the Industrial Park and beautiful look of general plan.

-         Before building gates, Investors must inform and make agreement with the technical staff of SHP.

5. Barrier:

-         The height of barrier at least 2.0m and the maximum: 2.5m from the height of subgrading.

-         Do not build bamboo, wood or brick barriers for the barrier along the interior way. Do not stretch barbed wire with this barrier.

6. Parking place:

-         Investors need to design enough parking places, paved with carpet that can be against dust in any weather condition in their plot. (Avoid transportation means causing pollution for road systems inside and outside the Industrial Park).

-         The empty place inside the step- back distance can be used for parking with or without roof.

7. Signs

-         Allowed signs are signs for writing name, logo, business field and products of Investors in accrodance with rules of Vietnam's Advertising.

-         Signs can be equipped with lights or props, but do not be made in the style of rotating, moving, flickering or changing with advertising effects.

-         Signs must be located at least 06m from the position of nearby plots’ construction.

8. Garbage Disposal Area

-         Investors must build a common place for garbage and a particular place for toxic garbage in their plot.

-         Arrangement of place for garbage must ensure common hygiene and beautiful look of the Factory and the Industrial Park.

III. Infrastructure Connection

1. Industrial clean water system:

-         Investors must not dig well or make any similar construction within the scale of the plot for production and life. Investors can directly sign the water supply contract with Vat Cach Water Plan (Hai Phong) for supporting production and life.

-         In some urgent or special cases, Vat Cach Water Plan can stop supplying clean water in a certain period of time; Investors need to make water container with its capacity enough for the Investors’ using demand within at least 12 hours.

-         See Aticle 6 - “Rules of Connection with the common system" as follow.

2. Rain water drainage system:

-         Investors have to build sedimentation manhole for the rain water drainage system in front of the drainage place into the common system of the industrial park. No limitation to the rain water drainage place.

-         See Aticle 6 -"Rules of Connection with the common system" as follow

3. Waste- water drainage system:

-         Industrial and life waste- water of Investors are gathered in one place (manhole) and must be only discharged into one position of the common waste- water drainage system of the industrial park.

-         Investors have to use filter net to prevent solid waste and oil collecting pit (in the manhole) to prevent kinds of waste- oil following into the common system of the industrial park.

-         Manhole for checking waste-water before discharging into the common system of the Industrial Park needs to be built in the plot of Investors to control the quality of waste- water. Periodically and in any time, the Department of Resources and Environment or SHP have the right to sample at that manhole for confirming the quality of waste- water (The quality standard of waste- water is defined as the enclosed TCVN. QCVN 40:2011/BTNMT

-         The toilet system in the plot of Investors must have dust-hole for filtering waste before the waste follows into the waste-water drainage system.

-         See Aticle 6 -  "Rules of Connection with the common system" as follow

4. Power System

-         SHP will invest and supply a 22KV electrical wire network from the 110KV/22KV transformer station of the industrial park along with the interior ways to Investors.

-         Investors have the right to ask to connect the electricity with power supply station of the industrial park. However, they have to give the design drawing to SHP's technical staff for approval before implementing. They must pay all fees relating to step-down station in their plot and other connection expenses from the electrical pole nearest to the factory's barrier.

-         See Aticle 6 - “Rules of Connection with the common system" as follow.

5. Telephone system and Internet Transmission Line

-         Investors directly sign contract of using telephone service and Internet transmission line with the company supplying this service in the industrial park.

-         See Aticle 6 - “Rules of Connection with the common system" as follow.

6. Rules of Connection with the common system:

-         Investors must make technical plan in infrastructure connection and give their request of connection to SHP for checking feasibility/ safety. Investors and SHP co-operate to send their request to the Relevant Agencies (if having) for approval.

-         After receving the approval of technical plan in connection ino the common system of the industrial park (water supply, waste- water drainage system, rain-water drainage system, power, and telephone) from SHP or Relevant Agencies (if having), Investors or contrators or reprenstatives need to inform in detail the implementation schedule to SHP before starting implementation for best co-operation and supervision.

-         All above works of connection from the Investors to the common system of the industrial park are appointed, and implemented by their budget and under the supervision of SHP’s technical staff.

IV. Environment and other rules:

1. Protection against garbage and solid- waste pollution:

-         Investors and their contrators must not pour, drop, or spread waste or similar materials at any place in the industrial park and its neighbouring areas. If violating, Investors and their contrators will be fully responsible for moving that garbage or paying the fee to SHP for treating.

2. Protection against waste water pollution:

-         Investors must not discharge kinds of garbage, left food or similar waste into waste- water drainage pine system.

-         Investors need to clean, maintain waste- water drainage pine system in the plot, neighouring areas as well as the pine from the plot's border to the common water drainage pine system to avoid culvert- blocking causing musty smell.

-         Waste- water, including but not being limited by the following waste, must not be discharged into the common waste-water drainage system: solid material; sediment in the manhole; Calxi Cacbonat; oil-originated substance or dissolved gas substance; inflammable, dynamite or liquid, solid or poisonous gas; radioactive waste; substance not being decomposed by bacteria; pesticide, anti- mushroom medicine; waste causing deposition, freeze or sedimentation; waste causing the water- colour change; sub-elements causing damages for water drainage pine system... or affecting to waste-water disposal station of the industrial park.

-         Before discharging waste-water into manhole, Investors need to pre-treat by methods such as using dust- hole for life waste-water and internal treatment in order that the waste-water is within the limitation C of the standard QCVN 40:2011/BTNMT. (and pay fee for waste- water treatment as defined)

3. Protection against Air pollution:

- Investors have to install the system controlling air pollution for areas creating smoke, dust, musty smell or molecules causing air-pollution in the process of production. The exhaust standards must be in accrodance with the standard TCVN5939-2005 B and TCVN 5940-2005 applying for the exhaust causing pollution and enclosed modificated documents.

- Investors have to install the system controlling smell pollution for areas creating smelly exhaust clearly reconginzed within the distance of 1m from the outside the plot's border.

4. Protection against Noise pollution:

-         Noise from any place in the plot must be effectively controlled by soundproofing materials or any other mean in order to comply with the requirement of the standard TCVN 9549-1995 and modificated documents (if having).

-         Investors must install the system controlling shake of equipment used during the process of production causing shake in the ground. This system can help to recongnize the shake within the distance of 1m from the outside the plot's border.

5. Security Measures and Labour Safety (fire fighting and prevention and system against thunder)

-          Investors must install, activate and maintain fire alarm and prevention system for each of construction in the plot.

-         All constructions in the plot must be designed against thunder in accrodance with the standard.

V. Procedure:

1. Drawing Approval

Investors have to submit basic design of following items to SHP for approval, but not being limited by these items.

- Architecture: Overall premise shows clearly the border of project, vertical alignment and main cross-cutting alignment.

-         Main Structure: Premise and foundation's depth, force bearing frame including roof structure.

-         Electricity and telephone: Overall premise, one- string diagram, connection detail to the common system of SHP and the gross consuming electricity.

-         Clean water supply (including fire fighting and prevention system) and waste-water drainage system: Overall premise, schema and all connection details to the common system of SHP.

-         For investors having waste-water disposal station: hand over the design of the station.

-         Information of system: Gross consuming water/ day, gross consuming electricity/ day, drawing of environmental protection systems (such as waste disposal station, filtering system...)

-         Entry gate: the whole, including width and details, especially the cutting part through available underground system of SHP.

-         After receiving the approval of these above drawings from SHP, Investors need to submit designing documents in accrodance with rules of Vietnamese Law. State of Vietnam and Agencies such as the Firemen are responsible for approval of fire prevention system, the Hai Phong Economic Zones Authority for assessing project, Hai Phong Power for approval of drawing the transformer station for the factory of Investors and connection plan with the loop cutting stations in SHP.

2. Duration of construction:

-         Investors have to offically inform the progress of project implementation to SHP in writing before starting construction.

-         Temporary dust- hole for the construction- site must be built.

-         Castor/ Caterpillar vehicle: All kinds of Castors/ Caterpillar vehicles must not move directly on the ground in the industrial park, but must be carried on specialized vehicle or covered with ground protection means such as piece of rubber, PVC, canvas ... not to damage the road surface.

-         Diging machine at the technical buffer: do not use diging machine in the technical buffer of SHP (from the interior way of the industrial park to the plot's border) to avoid damages to underground technical systems (power, telephone, water supply system, waste-water drainage system...), especially power line. All diging works are carried manually.

-         In the duration of construction, Contrator has to absolutely obey environmental protection in the industrial park as well as neighbouring areas in accrodance with rules of the industrial park and Law on Environmental protection of Vietnam.

-         Do not organize activities breaking public security, do not gamble or organize to gamble in the industrial park.

-         Drilled Well: Absolutely do not drill well in the plot under the article III.1 without agreement of SHP in writing.

-         Transportation: Maximum speed for all transportation means in the industrial park: 30km/ h.

-         Lorries/ Material carrying Lorries need to be covered with canvas to avoid spreading.

VI. Construction Termination:

-         Investors have to break and move all waste, left materials, temporary constructions and systems using in the process of construction by their money rightly after finishing contruction for the project.

-         All damages or property losses of SHP caused by Investors in the duration of implementation must be compensated/ repaired as initial status by Investors’ budget.

-         If there is any incorrespondence of finished construction compared with the approved drawing (according to the article V.1), Investors immediately must correct mistakes by their money with no condition under the request of SHP until the approval after the last supervision of SHP.



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