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Updated: 10/12/2019 08:24

Infrastructure of Trang Due Industrial Park

Trang Due Industrial park - Infrastructure system

Road system in the IP:

The main road and feeder road system is constructed up to international standard to ensure smooth transportation inside the IP.

• Main Road: 32 m wide

• Feeder Road: 23 m wide


Factory and Office System:

There are standard factories and offices with the area from 4.000 m² to 6000 m² (total area: 80.000 m2) which are available for rent. Investors can go straight into production due to the structural stability and completeness of the system.



Electrical system:

The 110/35/22KV transformer station is installed with the most advanced and modern equipment. It has a capacity of 2 x 63MVA and is used to provide electricity for the IP only. The station can ensure sufficient and stable supply for the entire Industrial park.


Water supply system:

The water supplier is Vat Cach water plant (Haiphong) with the capacity of 20,000m3/day and upgrading to 30,000m3/day, which can provide water sufficiently and stably to all enterprises in the IP.


Drainage system:

Industrial wastewater and domestic wastewater is collected and treated at the wastewater treatment tank Stage 1: 1,500m3/day to ensure environmental sanitation base on standard 40:2011 of Minister of Natural  Resourse Environmnet.

Communication system:

Communication system in the IP is provided by leading telecommunication companies such as VNPT, EVN-telecom… The modern system with separate cable, ADSL… covers the entire IP and is able to meet the demand of investors.

In 2014, Trang Due IP will corporate with supplier to ensure 100% communication will be underground, ensure quality service and image of investor in Trang Due Industrial Park.

Other services:

In addition to the modern and synchronous infrastructure system, Trang Due IP also provides services such as: customs clearance, transportation, storage…, which are very helpful for investors in the process of import and export.



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