Updated: 01/02/2016 07:54

Implementation plan No 4697/KH-UBND dated on1st July, 2014 of the People’s Committee of Hai Phong about organizing emulation Congress and Reward Conference, to be forward 9th National Emulation Congress. 30th September, at the Convention Center of Haiphong City, the eighth Congress of Emulation of Hai Phong City and giving Emulation Flag Ceremony of the Government was taken place for good achievements enterprises in year 2014. Sai Gon – Hai Phong Industrial Park (a subsidiary of Kinh Bac City Development Holding Corporation) Which is the investor of Trang Due Industrial Park was awarded emulation flags by the government because have been particularly outstanding achievements in the field of investment, infrastructure development Industrial park to attract foreign investment…

At Convention Centre of the City, the Congress solemnly held with the participation of Ms. Tran Thi Ha, Deputy Minister of Interior Ministry and Chief of Emulation and Reward Central, Mr. Duong Anh - Chairman of Council of People of the City, Mr. Le Van Thanh – Chairman of People’s Committee…and all of departments leaders of Hai Phong City and approximately 500 delegates, including more than 300 representatives in emulation of the city in 2010-2015. The Conference evaluated the result of emulation movement within 5 years period from 2015-2020, praising the zealous in all sector of economic-social development, defense and security through number of attendances who are representatives of Hai Phong City joining the ninth National Conference. Contributing to the result of emulation movement in 5 recent years, Sai Gon – Hai Phong Industrial Park always focus on promotion activities and attracts FDI investment and domestic investment invest in Trang Due Industrial. 2010-2015 period, Trang Due Industrial Park has attracted approximately 2.1 billion dolar, this is one of factor that put to Hai Phong City become a third City having highest FDI investment capital of the country. This is very impressive achievement of Trang Due Industrial Park and KBC.

At the present, KBC and SHP are negotiating with some big electronics groups, estimating this year, KBC will attract over 30-50% compare to same time of 2014. Trang Due Industrial Park is a representative industrial zone of Kinh Bac City Development Holding Corporation, in continuous of 2013, 2014, Trang Due Industrial Park was receiving the emulation flag of the Government by Prime Minister in the field of infrastructure industrial park building and investment attraction, it is contributed to the number of emulation flag of KBC group – 10 flags in 5 recent years. This is amazing achievement without any private enterprises that has been.


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