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On 3rd September, 2015, at the headquarter of Hai Phong Economic Zone Authority, ceremony of signing the land sublease contract in-principle contract with area 13.86 ha in stage 2 of Trang Due Industrial Park between Saigon-Hai Phong Industrial Park Corporation (SHP) and Hee-Sung Electronics Co. (Korea) with a total contract value nearly 250 billion dolar. Signing ceremony attendance includes leader of HEZA, leader of Hee-Sung Group and leader of SHP.

Hee-Sung Electronics Company is a big electronic enterprise and a vendor of LGE Group. Hee-Sung Electronics Company established 3 factories in Korean, 3 factories in China, 1 factory in Poland and 1 factory in Egypt. After a short time in Vietnam survey, Hee-Sung Electronics Co. quickly decide Trang Due industrial zone (Phase 2) to invest in building factories main products such as LED lamps in laptops; LEDs in the TV screen; touch screen panels, screen brightness originating in the phone screen, computer; panel touch screen; light-emitting diode ... .with a total expected investment approximately US $ 150 million. After the signing ceremony, Hee-sung Electronics Co. will quickly complete the legal procedures to start construction, is expected to be completed in May, 2016 first plant to go into operation.

This is the third project invests in phase 2 of Trang Due Industrial Park. The Phase 2 of Trang Due IP just granted investment certificates by the end of 2014 but we receiving a lot of investors come to survey and register leasing. Industrial Park has to speed up land clearance and infrastructure construction both day and night to handover on time to the investors.

Calculated including Hee-Sung Electronic projects, from early 2015 to the present, Trang Due IP attracted about US $ 297 million, contributed greatly to put Haiphong City become one of three cities having excellent achievement in FDI investment attraction. This is a spectacular achievement of Trang Due IP.

Currently, SHP is negotiating other large electronics conglomerate, expected this year will attract investment SHP exceed 30% -50% compared to 2014. Trang Due IP is a typical industrial park in Hai Phong, in two consecutive years 2013 and 2014, Trang Due IP had been awarded emulation flags leader in the field of infrastructure development, industrial park and attracting investment by Prime Minister.

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