Updated: 01/02/2016 06:59

On 3rd June at Hai Phong Convention Central happened the ceremony of receiving Investment Certificate of HaengSung Electronics Viet Nam Limited Company.

The ceremony solemnly help with the participation of Mr Duong Anh Dien – The Secretary of Hai Phong Council and President of Hai Phong People’s Committee. Mr Dan Duc Hieu – Vice President of Hai Phong People’s Committee, Mr Pham Thuyen – Head of Hai Phong Econocmic Zone, Mr Huh Maeng – President of HaengSung Electronic Korean and other attendances.


HaengSung Electronic Viet Nam has invested in Trang Due Industrial Park, with total investment capital is 100 million USD and total land using area is 10ha and is the biggest vendor of LG so far.

The Secretary of Hai Phong People Committee, Mr Duong Anh Dien hand over the Investment Certificate to Haesung Electronics Limited Company.

The factory specializes in manufacturing, assembly chip board, main board for electronic product, mobile, household appliances. In the planning, the company is going to complete the water treatment plan in February, 2016, go into stable operation in January, 2017, when factory running out over 600 labors will be to be hired. The production capacity reaches 4.77 million main board/year and over 2 million chip board for household appliances.


Speech of the ceremony, Mr Bui The Long – General Director of Trang Due Industrial Park said that: “HaengSung Electronic is the third enterprise which was granted in 2015 at Trang Due Industrial Park and is the first investor invest in second step of Trang Due Industrial Park. This project will be a pioneer for a lot million project that we are discussing. Our tager investment attraction capital is about 500 million in 2015 will be done with one or two months later. At the present, the land lot of HaengSung Company is catching up construction schedule to handing over to the investor to start building. Therefore, this is also a big advantage for Trang Due Industrial Park attracting the investors and contributing to the city achievement.

Mr Duong Anh Dien and Mr Bui The Long speech in the meeting.


Mr Duong Anh Dien also affirmed that: The feature of investment line of Hai Phong City focus on clean – industry, high technology. Haengsung Company is one of evidence for this feature. Hai Phong City always welcomes and full support for all of investor carrying out their project.”


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