Industrial Park located between Highway 5A and Highway Ha Noi - Hai Phong is two important road transport of goods  in Northern , located on Highway 10 is the main road of littoral northern area. In addition have the ability to connect with Highway 18 serving international travelers and cargo from Vietnam Northern .So it can be said Trang Due Industrial Park has a prime location for industrial development , is an attractive destination for investors at home and abroad .


Trang Due Industrial Zone located in Hai Phong port city, one in triangle economic point in Northern (Ha Noi – HaiPhong – QuangNinh), so Trang Due IP gain many advantages from dynamic economic zone. Besides connecting with transportation systems , Industrial Park are also received certain advantages from the national priority projects in Hai Phong city.

LachHuyen New deep – port Project

Currently, Hai Phong port system occupies 70% cargo volume of the North . With a capacity of over 52million tons / year (2013), Hai Phong port often overload and excess operating capacity (50million tons / year).

So, to reponse demand transport of goods by sea is increasing in the provinces, cities and Industrial Park in the North,Vietnam government cooperation with Japanese investors to build Lach Huyen deepwater port . The port is located on a total area 3.500ha , has an average depth of 14m to create favorable conditions for large vessels with a tonnage of 80,000 DWT - 100.000DWT can dock , bringing the total capacity of the port cargo throughput up to 100 million tons  (2010) and 300 million tons (2030).

On 04/14/2013, Lach Huyen international port project has officially commenced, mark an important step to development of marine economy of the northern and regional economic.

Currently, the project is implementing Phase 1 consists of two components, component A with 2-berth has a depth of 14m, ensure vessels 100.000DWT can dock, and component B is constructions sand dikes 7.600m and breakwater 3.200m of length. Proposed in 2015, the first phase of the project will be officially completed creating favorable conditions for the development of regional economy..

New High way No 5 Ha Noi – HaiPhong

Ha Noi – HaiPhong Highway (called by 5B highway) is one of six the important National Road in the North of Viet Nam.  Entire route design 105km of length , 100m wide (6 line ) with 7 points crossings and allow the vehicle to move at the speed of 120km/h .

Highway projects Hanoi - Hai Phong will contribute to improved road safety and reduced travel time between the two cities of Hanoi and Haiphong to 1h. Besides, the introduction of this route also contributing to strategy development and poverty reduction through comprehensive building and development in the project area.


The project has a length of 105 km is divided into 10 packages , each package along the road about 10km follow. Currently, the rate of completed bidding package is 50%, special 2 package finally located on the territory of Haiphong city completed 80%. Expected in the end of 2014, the last 20km highway Hanoi - Hai Phong is located in Haiphong city will be completed in the end of 2015 and will inform the entire route .

International Air-port

 Cat Bi Airport, Hai Phong city formerly has only 01 runways serving travel demand, transport of goods by air in domestic with 2 main routes Hai Phong – Da Nang and Hai Phong – Hochiminh City

In order to reponse develop demand of Hai Phong city and northern coastal areas , on 19th March, 2013 Haiphong has officially started upgrading the airport Cat Bi International Airport, reserve for Noi Bai airport ( Hanoi). On this basis, the project will build a new runway with a length of over 3000m , bringing the total number of aircraft parking from 2 to 8 airport terminals , convert the old runways and taxiways before after takeoff, while upgrading the entire functionality of Cat Bi airport to reponse international standards.


It is expected that upon completion in 2016, Cat Bi airport will open direct international flights from Hai Phong to the major cities of Japan , South Korea , Australia and Singapore ...


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