Lease of factory




At present, Trang Due IP has 15 Quality standard factories with area estimates 80,000m2 to service demand of small investor.

1)      Some picture of standard factory, office :

+ Area of office (3 Floor)                  : 150m2-165 m2/ Floor

+ Area of factory                               : 4400m2 - 4800m2 - 5200m2 - 5800m2

- Gate system: Infront of factory has gate for container truck, others side have door for work and emergency case.


Gate on right/left side                                               Container Gate


- Windows system evenly distributed according to span of factory and keep light of factory.

- Roof has designed to absorb wind ensure natural wind in factory.

- Brick wall around factory have 1.2m heigh, 220mm thick and cover by paint.

- Floor: Main raw is concrete which welded wire mesh. The underside compacted tightly by stone and sand.

- Structure of factory: Frame of Steel, wall built by color tole (include light tole), link to purlin, tole of roof have 02 layer insulation.

  2. Infrastructure:

          + Electricity System include:

-          Transformer Station for factory

-          Dynamics Electric depend on capacity of machine which set up by investor.

+ Internal Road:

-          01 Aspant road.

-          Walk side around factory by Block brick.

+ Road for only container truck: road designed special for import/export goods.

+ Waste water system:

-          Drainage syster for roof

-          Manholes system for drainage.

-          Watse pipe system.

+ Water supply   : Water from system of IP to tank (undergound), and then pumb to tank on roff of toilet.

-          Tank

-          Water watch.

-          Pump machine.

+ Fire fighting system:

-          Underground Pipe system  around factory.

-          Box of tool for fire resistant.

-          Tank for fire resistant.

+ Lighting resistant system.               





Le Loi commune, An Duong district, Hai Phong City

CONTACT INFORMATION: Le Loi commune, An Duong district, Hai Phong City

Phone: 0225 282 0182

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